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TDI Staff

TDI Board of Directors

TDI is governed by a broad-based board of directors with expertise in dolphin and whale research, community and business affairs, legal matters, and public relations.

Louis M. Herman, Ph.D., President
Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii

Adam A. Pack, Ph.D., Vice-President and Treasurer
Program Manager, TDI Research and Education Center

Roger McManus, Director
President, Center for Marine Conservation

Kanwal Sharma, Director
Former Senior Marketing Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

TDI Board of Advisors

TDI is advised by people from the Hawaii community and the mainland U.S., with wide-ranging experience in marine mammal science, wildlife conservation, nature films, and business.

They include:

Rann Watumull, Vice President, Pacific Century Trust
Thomas C. Leppert, President, The Turner Corporation
Greg MacGillivray, President of MacGillivray-Freeman Films
Peter Ranney, Business leader, Cleveland, Ohio
Mark Wexler, Editor of National Wildlife magazine
Wyland, World-renowned marine artist

TDI staff:

Dr. Louis Herman
President of The Dolphin Institute

Dr. Louis Herman founded the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory (KBMML) in 1970 to study dolphin perception, cognition, and communication. In 1975, he pioneered the scientific study of the annual winter migration of humpback whales into Hawaiian waters, focusing on distribution, abundance, behavior, social organization, individual life histories and related topics Together with Dr. Adam Pack, he founded The Dolphin Institute in 1993, a non-profit corporation dedicated to dolphins and whales through education, research, and conservation. Currently a professor in the Department of Psychology and a cooperating faculty member of the Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, Dr. Herman is considered a preeminent authority on the study of dolphin cognition and the behavior of humpback whales.

Among his many awards and honors, Dr. Herman is the co-recipient of the 1999 F.A. Beach Comparative Psychology Award from the Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology Division of the American Psychology Association and the Creative Talent Award from the American Institutes of Research. His work has been supported by numerous grants and research contracts from such agencies as the National Science Foundation, National Marine Fisheries Service, Marine Mammal Commission, Office of Naval Research, National Park Service, CEROS, and Sea Grant. Dr. Herman serves as a member of the Sanctuary Advisory Council for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, and has published over 120 scientific papers. Dr. Herman teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on animal behavior and communication, and in marine mammal ecology and behavior. Under his guidance, graduate students at the University of Hawaii carry out research in marine mammal science, resulting in over 30 theses and dissertations.

Dr. Adam A. Pack
Vice President and Treasurer of The Dolphin Institute
Program Manager, TDI Marine Mammal Research and Education Center

Dr. Adam Pack began his career in marine mammal science in 1983 at KBMML, first as a research intern, and then as a graduate student. He earned his MA and Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii. His doctoral work focused on demonstrating the dolphin's ability to spontaneously recognize complex shapes across the senses of echolocation and vision. Dr. Pack co-founded TDI together with Dr. Herman in 1993. He serves as the Director of TDI's field research projects on whales and dolphins and is the program manager for TDI's Marine Mammal Research and Education Center at Ko Olina. Dr. Pack's areas of specialization include behavior, ecology and comparative cognition of dolphins, whales and sea lions.

Dr. Pack is a graduate affiliate faculty member of the University of Hawaii, serving on graduate student thesis and dissertation committees. He is a research advisor for the Northwest Chapter of the American Cetacean Society (ACS) as well as an advisor for the National Branch of ACS. He is also a research consultant for the Wild Dolphin Project in Florida, which studies the social and cognitive behavior of spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins in the Bahamas, and an advisor for Pacific Cetacean Group in California. Dr. Pack also serves as the alternate research chair for the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council.

Dr. Pack has published numerous scientific papers on dolphin cognition and whale behavior, and was honored in 1999 with the American Psychological Association's F.A. Beach award as one of the co-authors of the best paper of 1998 published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology. Dr. Pack teaches courses in comparative animal psychology and animal behavior at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Kathryn Rose, MASc
Research Coordinator of The Dolphin Institute

Kathryn Rose began her work with TDI as a volunteer working on a Hawaiian spinner dolphin dorsal matching project. She soon transitioned to an internship position working on TDI's long-term humpback whale fluke matching project. As the TDI Research Coordinator, she is continuing this work matching long-term resight indivuduals. Kathryn also oversees TDI's volunteer program.

Kathryn earned her BS in Zoology from the University of California at Santa Barbara and her MASc in Zoology from James Cook University in Australia. Her previous work with marine mammals includes humpback whale research in Massachusetts, California and Hawaii, marine mammal stranding response, dolphin training, and work with captive seals and sea lions.

TDI Graduate Student Researchers

These students work closely with Dr. Herman and Dr. Pack in the development and implementation of research studies with whales or dolphins. Additionally, in partial fulfillment of the degree requirements for their Master's or Ph.D., they develop and carry out research projects under the direction of Dr. Herman and Dr. Pack.

Robert Uyeyama
Hometown: San Jose, California

Robert is a graduate from Harvard University and recently completed his master's degree at the psychology department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He joined the Dolphin Institute as a cognition researcher and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree under the supervision of Dr. Louis M. Herman. He has co-authored several academic studies on dolphin and animal cognition, and has been with TDI since 1993.

Mark Deakos
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mark Deakos has come to TDI from Montreal, Canada. Mark's diverse practical background in biology includes work with a variety of pelagic birds and reptiles. His marine mammal experience has involved research on harbor and gray seals, bottlenose dolphins, fin whales, humpback whales, and minke whales. Mark received his M.A. from the University of Hawaii studying with TDI's whale project. He is currently working on his Ph.D. in this program.

College and Post-College Interns

TDI offers internship programs for college students and recent graduates to assist in humpback whale or Hawaiian spinner dolphin research. Acceptance to the program is competitive and is based on college transcripts, statements of purpose, and recommendations. Over the years, TDI interns and volunteers have come from many places around the world, including the United States, Israel, Germany, Australia, England, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, and Italy.


Throughout the year, dedicated volunteers continue TDI's research and data processing efforts at TDI's Research Office in Honolulu, Hawaii. Acceptance to the program is competitive and is based on college transcripts, statements of purpose, and recommendations.

Undergraduate Students

Selected undergraduates at the University of Hawaii may enroll in a directed research course through the Psychology Department under the tutelage of Dr. Herman. These students participate at TDI three half days a week and assist in various aspects of research and laboratory programs.

Alumni Graduate Students

The following individuals earned their graduate degrees at KBMML and TDI.

Name Degree Current position
C. Scott Baker Ph.D. Professor - Oregon State University
Adam Frankel M.A., Ph.D. VP - Hawaii Marine Mammal Consortium
Chris Gabriele M.A. Wildlife Biologist - Glacier Bay National Park
Gordon Bauer Ph.D. Associate Professor - New College of Florida
Joe Mobley Ph.D. Professor - University of Hawaii at Manoa
Alison Craig M.A., Ph.D. Lecturer - Napier University, UK
Adam Pack M.A., Ph.D. VP - The Dolphin Institute
Siri Hakala M.A. Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Mark Deakos M.A. President - Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research, Inc.
Roger Thompson Ph.D. Professor - Franklin & Marshall College
Melissa Shyan-Norwalt Ph.D., CAAB President - Animal Problem Solvers, Inc.
Visiting Professor, Psychology Dept. Indiana University East
Amy Miller Marvin M.A. VP for Institutional Advancement, Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt M.A., Ph.D. Research Associate, Acoustic Research Laboratory, Tropical Marine Science Institute,National University of Singapore

The Dolphin Institute

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